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president obama intends to meet with congress to discuss programs as fell as the controversy fisa courts. president obama is not done trying to reboot his economic message. first, they were called that then went behind closed doors on capitol hill yesterday. the president with sessions to rally across the middle last plan. the house speaker didn't miss an opportunity to take a dig. >> i'm not going to speak for what the president is doing or why he's doing it. if i had poll numbers as low as his, i would be out doing the same thing if i were him. if i were him. >> now, just for comparison sake here, boehner's favorability, 18%. president obama, 48%. during one of the sessions the question about the next fed chairman bubbled up. according to reports, the democratic president walked up to the microphone saying larry summers, bad choice. they were told not to believe everything they read in the huffington post. the president added summers was the rock of guibraltar. the white house is making it clear that witch scandals, things being cooked up by critics while discussion the second term age
in the state's history. president obama, he's chimed in pledging full support. >>> another battle over the debt ceiling is looming on capitol hill. the treasury department announced it would hit its borrowing limit in mid october and not be able to pay all of its bills soon after that time. congress and the white house are still far apart, as you might imagine, on a solution. treasury secretary jack lew sent a letter to congressional leaders saying a failure to raise the limit could, quote, undermine financial markets and have significant disruptions to our economy. >>> from the debt battle to the fight over president obama's health care law. we are talking about it yet again. according to the law, they're planning a defunding rally on september the 10th. that's three weeks before millions can start enrolling in coverage. republican senator ted cruz and rand paul and mike lee will head the event which is being organized by tea party groups. pressure is mounting. the latest target, republican leader mitch mcconnell. the conservative fund is spending 50,000 bucks on a 60 second video. the group i
snowden has been granted temporary asylum by moscow. now the white house is cancelling president obama's planned talks with his russian counterpart. president obama and putin were expected to sit down and discuss among other things serious on going civil war. the kremlin said it is disappointed by the cancellation. the decision was reportedly unanimous by the president's national security team. the political standoff between the two nations rekindles a debate you might recall between mitt romney and president obama during the 2012 campaign. >> this is to russia. this is without question our number one geopolitical poe. they fight every cause for the world's worst actors, the idea he has month more flexibility in mind for russia is very troubling indeed. >> governor romney, i'm glad that you recognize that al qaeda is a threat because a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing america, you said russia. not al qaeda. you said russia. and in the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back. you know, the cold war has been over for 20 y
mashups yet. we'll have that. we begin with president obama sitting down with jay leno. despite some joking, the president addressing a number of issues from the economy and health care to foreign policy and even touched on the nsa's controversial intelligence gathering. >> a lot of these programs were put in place before i came in. i had some skepticism. i think there's -- we should have a healthy skepticism about what government is doing. we don't have a domestic spying program. what we do have are some mechanisms where we can track a phone number or an e-mail address that we know is connected to some sort of terrorist threat. none of the revelations shows the government abused these powers. now, you know, part of it is he's not accustomed to -- >> president obama also addressed washington's relationship with moscow saying he believes the two countries with work together even though russia slips into what he calls a cold war mentality. meanwhile, deadline reports the president attended a private dinner with some supporters in hollywood after "the tonight show" appearance. the he ve
that he believes president obama has a real time line for ending the striem. remarks the state department walked back. u.s. drone strikes killed 8 suspected militants in pakistan. >>> we know it's been a while since we've seen edward snowden. we've gotten a picture of edward snowden. he's a legal resident of russia. he's been granted temporary asylum by moscow. that will allow him to remain in that country for at least a year. yesterday snowden was seen leaving the moscow airport where he was stranded for more than a month. the website wikileaks says he remains with legal advisor sarah harrison and is currently in a secure, confidential location. the u.s. is demanding that snowden be returned home for leaking classified documents although now that seems highly unlikely. >> mr. snowden is not a whistle-blower, he is accused of leaking classified information. this move by the russian government long-standing record of law enforcement cooperation, cooperation that has recently been on the upswing since the boston marathon bombing. we see this as an unfortunate development and we are extremel
providing military support. the same survey found half of all americans believe president obama has not been tough enough in his response to this particular crisis. despite the violence, americans still believe the egyptian military is in the best position to provide the leadership to the troubled state. it's a messy situation. for more, let's go live to cairo. good morning, yousef. >> reporter: more uncertainty after the latest developments starting off with the arrest of the muslim brotherhood, they call him the supreme guide. 70 years old. he was detained in his residential apartment in the early hours of today. security forces were able to arrest him without any resistance and state television branded images and video footage showing his arrest and visibly tts vaut. now the muslim brotherhood has condemned the arrest and it is likely to fuel further protests from their end. keep in mind he was charged in july for inciting violence and we'll have to see how that trial continues to develop. also news of course on the possible release of former president mubarak. he is still pending a retri
as the arab league have declined to back military strikes. but for members of the obama administration, there's no doubt the so-called red line has been crossed. >> the options that we are considering are not about regime change, they are about responding to a clear violation of an international standard that pro hibltsds the use of chemical weapons. >> there is no doubt who is responsible for this heinous use of chemical weapons in syria. the syrian regime. >> the united states department of defense is ready to carry out those options. if that would occur, that would occur also in coordination with our international partner. >> but if you were to come, you are ready to go like we will actually speak to senator mccain about the crisis in syria a little bit later on "morning joe." >>> here in the states a syrian hacker group is taking credit for the shutdown of "the new york times" website yesterday. it is the second time this month the times site has gone down. for several hours the syrian army warned them of the malicious external attack and advised staffers to be careful about e-mailing sen
in the enforcement of the federal marijuana laws. a lot to talk about today. we begin in syria. if president obama decides to take action against the assad regime it appears he'll do that without the support of our two strongest european allies. the british parliament voted against a limited strike against syria. >> why do our allies in qatar and others in the middle east cannot take military action. >> is it in britain's military interest to have a taboo on chemical weapons on the battlefield? yes. our actions won't be derpd by my good friend and ally the american president they will be decided by this government and votes of this house of commons. >> now despite being in support of military intervention in syria, cameron said he would comply with parliament's decision. assad said syria needs a political solution as u.n. inspectors have been ordered to leave the country. united states has now order a fifth war ship into the med. yesterday leaders of congress were briefed by the president's foreign policy team where they were told president obama believes beyond a doubt that the syrian government
. you have the united states and you have the white house more specifically after president obama ordered the intelligence community to determine whether chemical weapons were used in that region. others have come out very kargically saying chemical weapons were used including israel and turkey. the united states nations has inspectors on the ground trying to get to the scene of that attack to determine if they were used and if so by who. over the course of the last several hours and several days rather, the evidence has come out suggesting that it was the regime at least according to activists but both the syrian governments are saying it was not the syrian regime. in fact at the united nations nations countries like russia and china have so far suggested there should be no rush to judgment who used these weapons. in fact, the russian government has hinted at the possibility that it was the syrian rebels themselves who used the chemical weapons so certainly a complex situation and whether or not it actually is determined that chemical weapons have been used it is going to be very
obama reviewed a range of options and possible targets with his national security team. the u.s. has four destroyers near in the mediterranean sea. members of congress are calling the situation to kosovo calling for surgical strikes using cruise missiles. >> i think we have to respond and i think we have to respond in conjunction with our nato allies, we have to respond much as i think was done in libya with the nato allies. i think we cannot afford to sit back and wait. >> syria ratcheting up the rhetoric. that man president assad says this morning, quote, failure awaits the united states if it attacks. he compared the conflict or possible conflict with syria to vietnam. >>> a new reuters poll is showing tepid support for action here at home. if president as said did indeed use chemical weapons, only 25% of americans would want the u.s. to intercede. ha is actually down five points from two weeks ago before that incident happened. >>> a tragic story out of mexico to share with you. a cargo train carrying u.s.-bound migrant workers derailed in a remote area of southeastern mexico. at
weiner and the walkoff at yankee stadium. >>> today, the obama administration is expected to make a major shift in drug policy. attorney general eric holder will order prosecutors to leave out the quantity or amount of illegal substances involved in low-level drug cases. it's a move to get around mandatory minimum sentences that the administration has overfilled cell blocks. they're cited as a tax burden for a prison system that costs $80 billion a year to operate. too many americans go to too many prisons for far too long and for no good law enforcement reason. holder will defer certain types of low-level prosecution to the state and local level. he's also expected to ask prison officials to release older, nonviolent offenders, to face what he calls compelling circumstances. >>> here's your stat of the day. the u.s. with just 5% of the world's population has 25% of the world's inmates. >>> overseas, 18 u.s. diplomatic posts are again open for business today. following a wide-reaching terror threat. only the embassy in yemen remains closed and on terror watch. the country is increasingly
the chemical weapon as tack. president obama made strong statements during an exclusive interview on pbs's newshour. >> we have looked at all the evidence and we do not believe the opposition possessed nuclear weapons -- or chemical weapons of that sort. we do not believe that given the delivery systems, using rockets that the opposition could have carried out these attacks. we have concluded that the syrian government, in fact, carried these out. and if that's so, then there need to be international consequences. >> the president also expresses concerns over chemical weapons being used against us here in the united states. >> their control over chemical weapons may erode where they're given to known terrorist organizations that in the past have targeted the united states. then there is a prospect, a possibility in which chemical weapons that can have devastating effects could be directed at us. and we want to make sure that that does not happen. >> president obama insisted that no final decision has been made on a military strike against syria. at the fort hood trial, a military jury se
of the u.s. and there's been a dip in approval under president obama. the poll said that the highest favorability for the u.s., can you guess? the country that loves us the most is -- it's ghana of all places. we thought that would be good fodder for twitter. we're asking which country should like us the most? we want some good creative ones for us. we'll put the best answers later on the show. >>> mcconnell has some explaining to do after some comments that were recorded and then released. jesse benton said, quote, between you and me, i'm sort of holding my nose for two years, because what we're doing here is going to be a big benefit to rand in 2013. at the time ben-tan was -- economic policy general doom, benton called the leak sick saying i believe in senator mcconnell and i am 100% committed to his re-election, i look forward to the campaign of 2014. this photo of benton on his facebook page holding his nose next to mitch mcconnell. all this red meat for democratic and republican opponents alike. this photo of mitch mcconnell with a clothes pin on his nose, quote, don't hold you
. >>> a newly revealed delay in obama care, another full year until the government limits out of pocket costs for health coverage a report in the "new york times" explains how federal officials have delayed a provision in the law to cap the amount for co-payments. under the new changes that won't go into effect until 2015. patient advocate groups said that the delay will have a significant impact as some insurers will be allowed to set higher costs throughout the next year >>> cory booker took a major step toward becoming new jersey's next senator. with booshg won a clear majority. >> they say that i -- that say that we are being naive. to them i say, have you ever met us? do you know where i have been working for the last 17 years? do you know that -- do you know that this is newark, new jersey? and we don't do naive. >> booker now faces steve lonegan. and gearing up for the october special election. >> mayor cory booker has been elected. he's been anointed by hollywood. the hollywood elite have been descended from their penthouse apartments from the heights of the hollywood hills to come to
it supports rather than what it rejects. >> i think part of the era in obama's disaster we have to get beyond being anti-obama and convince people you can have hope in america, that we can have a better future. >> priebus urged members to abandon titles like conservative and libertarian and instead focus on being a republican and alluded to the 47% for mitt romney's failed run for the white house. >> we're the party of freedom and opportunity and not the other side. we don't tell anyone. you wouldn't know it because we don't talk about it. promoting the brand, unlimited opportunity for everyone in america, not the 47, but the 100%. >>> private bradley man something expressing regret for handing over government secrets to wikileaks. during the sentence part of his court-martial said he was sorry and apologized for the unintended consequences of the few leaks. he says the past few years have been a "learning experience." manning took the stand as part of the defense strategy to get the judge to reduce his sentence. he faces up to 90 years in prison for leaking hundreds of thousands of documents
joe," president obama says the nsa is playing by the rules but a new report says otherwise. what they mean for the president's credibility. when we come back right here, we huddle around the water cooler. a wedding videographer gets creative. i stand by kiss scared the hell out of me as a kid. [ male announcer ] running out of steam? ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. >>> so at the top of the show, we talked about president obama canceling joint military exercises with egypt. if you want to sound smart today, you can tell your friends the exercises began in 1980 as part of the camp david accords and occur every two years. since then the u.s. canceled twice, once in 2003 to due to the demands of the wars in iraq and afghanistan and again in 2011 following the removal of former egyptian president hosni mubarak. we we can in with louis now to find out what's making the rounds. >> it feels so good. fresh off her appearance on "
lunderman back in the game. like the loyal democrat he s he's taking orders from the obama campaign on how to run his daughter's campaign. they told him to make a pitch on the internet for the women's vote and he sent a check to anthony weiner! >> if senator mcconnell had his way, his version of kentucky health care for our seniors, grandmother would be to walk it off. let's just tell it like it is, if the doctors told senator mcconnell that he had a kidney stone, he'd refuse to pass it! [ cheers and applause ] >> a heck of a race. pretty disturbing story to tell you about. a driver in los angeles being held by police accused of driving into a crowded boardwalk killing one person, injuring 11 more. i want to warn you this is kind of upsetting. so look away if you don't want to see it. the first angle shows the driver getting in karnd taking off fast. the second angle at the top of your screen shows the car from restaurant. the car comes careening off the top of your screen and right into a crowd of people. nathan campbell turned himself in about an hour after the crash. this is where it ge
to see some twitter action. >> that was right there was a vine. >>> president obama headed to phoenix today where he will lay out his plan for the mortgage finance system. his plan will include shutting down fannie mae and freddie mac. the government aims to replace the programs with a system relying on the private sector to buy mortgages from lenders. the white house says the president's plan has bipartisan support from capitol hill. >>> this story is pretty disturbing. an escaped python being blamed for the death of two boys in canada. the children were sleeping above a pet store. the python reportedly up to 16 feet long escaped its enclosure and killed the 5 and 7-year-old boys who were reportedly brothers. the snake was later caught. african rock pythons feed on monkeys and even crocodiles. just a horrible story. >>> the tsa are well known at the airports, but you don't have to book a flight to see officers at work. the agency is taking on an increased role at sporting events, concerts, rodeos, train stations and even along interstate highways. it's not sitting well with some civi
today, president obama is meeting with key regulators on reforms in the banks. he wants a progress report and already many of the banks are concerned that lenders are going to push back and cause this those two banks to shrink. >>> and oprah gave a good push to the butler this week. >> indeed. she's a big star for the small screen, it appears that she brings a big punch for the big screen as well. the other three bold. kick ass 2, jobs and pair know ya, they didn't bring any extra seats. >> jobs, i still want to see even though we're going to talk about that disappointment. thank you so much. >>> so, the first steve jobs movie with ashton kutcher, it bold. $6.7 million. we need a new line in the pipeline to talk about one for the whole year. our question, who should be the topic of the next great hollywood biopic and who should star? >>> still ahead -- a-rod the story in boston. nothing to do with drugs or suspensions. we'll show you what happened after the game. >>> also the police add a new tool to the war on drugs. that would be doritos. >>> that and our weather forecast when "w
, manning's attorney said they would seek a pardon from president obama. the white house says they would consider the pardon like any other application. >>> now we want to follow up on the school shooting in georgia. and employee at the elementary school being called a hero for her effort to prevent a mass killing. her name is antoinette tuff and she's receiving praise after talking down a gunman who snuck into the school armed with a semiautomatic weapon and 500 rounds of ammunition in a school of over 800 students. none, none sustained injuries. tuff called 911 and captured the tense moments on tape. >> let me talk to them and see if we can work it out so you don't have to go away with them for a long time. no, it does matter. i can let them know that you have not tried to harm me or do anything with me or anything if you want to. that doesn't make any difference. you didn't hit anybody. okay. let me ask you this, ma'am. he didn't hit anybody. he just shot outside the door. if i walk out there with him, if i walk out there with him, so they won't shoot him or anything like that? he wan
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